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My life.

I was born in Siracusa on January 10, 1972 by Antonio and Maria, a worker and a housewife who wanted to have a large family. Fourth of six daughters, since childhood I love drawing and reading fairy tale, so much so to be considered at school a little girl with too much imagination! I draw all the time and I have clear ideas on what studies I want to pursue when I grow up: the Art Institute to be able to draw all the time. And so, supported by my parents, I achieve a high school diploma and after I attend and graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts at Catania.

To select students, my painting teacher, puts us through various experiments to determine who is more inclined towards the abstract and who towards the figurative; to my great surprise I end up in the abstract world! I follow the directions of my teacher and I do not deny anything (he chooses me among many to participate with my work in a group exhibition at Milano), however in the photo I choose to show the portrait I am successfully working on (according to the teacher's opinion!). I always remain convinced that the figurative moves me more and apply all my inspiration on the anatomical tables, and I write my final dissertation on "The modeling in the Renaissance". After completing my studies I return to my parent’s home at Siracusa and I need to get a job; being born into a working class family, you have to be down to earth! It does not take me much to realize that you can’t live by producing art, and certainly I am not the new Frida Kahlo of southern Italy. Yet, I am certainly someone with ‘too much’ imagination and I do not lack creativity, so along with my sister Roberta in 1999 I open a workshop in the historic center of Siracusa, Ortigia island, which I will call "Artemisia" in honor of the great painter Artemisia Gentileschi (1593-1653). There I paint with screen colors, but without the usual frame, t-shirts and various garments. I realize the first original t-shirt with a typical Sicilian saying, which is featured in the newspaper "Giornale di Sicilia" and then enjoy some measure of economic and critical success, of course locally. The Sicilian saying t-shirt catches on and goes into serial printing, then as it happens, not being able to register the patent Sicilian proverbs and typical sayings, someone with more economic means to invest copies my idea and I am forced to move on. The laboratory does not live only on t-shirt and creative clothing, I also produce airbrushed creation on motorcycle helmets, and on paragliding sails (for the sails a special thanks to my friend Danila). I close the business in 2006 and two years later I get married and move to Catania to join my husband, who is a Master of classical guitar and composer. Catania is a city that I already know well due to my earlier studies and the new life there takes me to get interested in the psychology of communication and improvement. At first I passionately study the theories of Carl Gustav Jung (psychoanalyst, anthropologist 1875-1961), and then I meet the Neuro Linguistic Programming through Anthony Robbins lectures and courses with founder of NLP Richard Bandler, and from there I step into the exciting science of quantum physics. The passage from the study of psychology to doing portraits is simple. I start to paint, this time with much clearer ideas about what I want to paint.

No. 1: I love to draw people's faces, even those of fantasy;

No. 2: The psychology of people fascinates me a lot.

It seems strange but I had never used acrylics on canvas, I always thought that the oils were the best but, having been inspired by the style of PopArt’s exclusive usage of spot colors, my favorite have become the acrylics, the water glazes  and the gold leaf.